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Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments – Looking for Potential Environmental Risks

Environmental Site Assessment

Everyone knows the potential environmental risk of a gas station, but did you know that certain fill materials, dry cleaners and railway tracks/spurs also present a contamination risk? In fact, there is a long list of potentially contaminating activities (PCAs) identified by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. A Phase One Environmental Site Assessment …

Evaluating Environmental Liability in Property Acquisitions

environmental, transaction

We all practice due diligence in various aspect of our lives, taking the reasonable steps to protect ourselves when making a decision. Whether in selecting the foods we eat, the vacations we plan or the vehicles we buy, we are constantly weighing out pros and cons of those decisions. Keeping this in mind, we can …

Why Asbestos is a Problem

asbestos, caution, warning

Asbestos has been used for centuries because of its amazing properties. Ancient Romans are rumoured to have used asbestos in tablecloths because they found they could clean the tablecloths by throwing them into fire, since they would come out cleaner than before! Asbestos was once thought to be a ‘magic mineral’ due to its strength, …

How to Choose Your Asbestos and Mould Remediation Specialist

HAZMAT, asbestos, mould

Whether for a commercial, industrial or residential building selecting a knowledgeable and skilled organization is key to managing any hazardous material problems, especially when it comes to asbestos and mould. The people that identify potential hazards and plan remediation / control measures with you need to know what they are talking about…but more than talk, …

A Tribute to the Old Fire Station – Part 1

1859 antique hand drawn hose cart

Recently, Fil (Oakhill’s president) travelled all the way to New Jersey to pick up this beautiful antique hand drawn hose cart for our front lobby. This antique cart dates back 158 years to 1859! So why did we want this for our front lobby? Our new office resides in an old fire hall and we …

7 Tips for Preventing Mould this Spring

Spring Flowers

Everyone has heard the saying ‘April showers brings May flowers’…but April showers can also bring something not as nice in your home, and that’s Mould. Any moisture getting into your home, whether through windows which are not properly sealed or a leak in the roof, can lead to the development of mould (within 48 hours of …

Oakhill Introduction Blog

Oakhill Office

Welcome to the Oakhill Blog! Our goal through this blog is to share our collective knowledge in the environmental consulting field with our community. We are excited to be able to be able to bring together posts on a range of environmental topics as they relate to you and environmental legislation. As always we aim …

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